11 Useful Gifts for University Students

Useful Gifts for University Students

Want to stop giving out gifts that just end up in the back of a closet?

We all know that most university students have a lot to manage and often little money to support themselves in ways that would benefit their academic and personal lives! 

This is why giving a present that students actually want and need has the potential to drastically improve their quality of life in the most positive way!

Trust us, we are both university students. We have found that some of our favourite gifts are ones that are innovative and directly contribute to what we do or need on a daily basis!

Some of the items on this list have enhanced our school work, improved our sleep, created a better work environment, and encouraged better study and working habits! 

If it’s been a while since you’ve been a university student you might not know where to begin to find a product that is guaranteed to be loved or useful to those in school! 

Well don’t worry because these two university students over here have compiled a list of 11 useful gifts for university students that are popular, thoughtful, and most importantly – practical! 

Let’s begin! 

1: Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Yes, it’s true: most university students walk around campus and attend classes with a cup of coffee in hand! 

Coffee is the perfect way to start the day, and most university students want to do it in style by putting their drinks in a Hydro Flask! 

Hydro Flask Water Bottle for Students

Why? Well, Hydro Flasks are especially trendy and cute as you can get this water bottle in all sorts of colours and designs! 

Not only that, but Hydro Flasks have earned their popularity due to how useful they are! They hold the temperature of your beverage (hot or cold) for hours! 

This is especially useful for students who have long school days and simply need a drink that is going to last for long periods of time. 

Plus, transporting your water bottle is so much easier with a Hydro Flask!

The water bottle has a coating that is easy to grip, sweat free, and durable so that students can take it with them to all their classes and activities with no hassle! 

2: Rain Design mStand 

Is your back or neck hurting from sitting at your desk all day? 

Research has shown that working on a laptop places a ton of unnecessary strain on your back and neck muscles.

This can cause severe posture issues and increase your risk of a serious, long-term injury.

Introducing the mStand by Rain Design, one of the best portable laptop stands around…

Rain Design mStand for Students

Crafted entirely from strong aluminum, this accessory features a neat cable organizer and a design that facilitates better airflow around your laptop and prevents it from overheating.

By placing your laptop on the stand, your screen will be at eye level when you sit down. This will prevent you from having to place any strain on your muscles from looking down on your desk.

There is extra storage space at its base for a wireless keyboard and mouse if you have one.

The mStand not only looks sleek, but it also is rated as one of the strongest laptop stands out there! It comes in three colours: grey, silver, and gold to match your MacBook. 

They also offer the same stand with an added 360 degree swivel base if you are looking to easily share your screen with others around you.

On top of all these great features, the mStand is endorsed by top influencers like Alisha Marie and Claudia Sulewski.

3: Weighted Blanket 

You may have heard or seen the hype surrounding weighted blankets before!

Weighted Blanket for Better Sleep

Well, as someone who uses a weighted blanket every night, I can assure you that this is a must have gift for any student who struggles with sleep.

Made with 100% natural cotton and filled with premium glass beads, these blankets offer superior temperature control throughout the entire night. 

Developed by neurologists, the gentle weight of the blanket stimulates the deep touch receptors throughout your body to release serotonin and promote relaxation.

It is recommended to choose a blanket that is approximately 10-12% of your body weight for the best results.

Try one out right now to get you excited for bed every night!

4: AirPods

The AirPods are perfect for students that love music and want premium wireless headphones! 

AirPods for Students

These are designed to be extremely minimalistic, easily portable, and especially trendy and are therefore extremely popular among students! 

Although this is a more expensive gift, it is definitely worth it! 

They have increased and immersive sound quality and fit perfectly in your ear! This ensures that there is less outside noise and decreases the likelihood of the earbuds falling out! 

Overall, it’s a great purchase as one of our highly innovative products for students. Even some adults would love to receive this as a gift!

5: Portable Device Charger 

A portable charger is important and useful for university students!

There is nothing more annoying or inconvenient than having to go through the your day with a dead phone – especially when there’s important information on it that you need! 

Best Portable Device Charger

A portable charger is the perfect gift for a student who spends the majority of their day out and about!

This thoughtful gift will provide a sense of security, less inconvenience, and is great for long term! 

We definitely recommend that each student has a portable charger with them and receiving this as a gift is sure to make a significant difference in their daily lives! 

6: Muji Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

This gift is for the student that writes handwritten notes and likes to colour code their studying material! 

Muji pens in particular are popular because they are beautifully functional! 

Muji Pens for Students

Their minimalist and aesthetic design combined with how they are smudge proof (you can highlight over it and it still won’t smear), light – so you don’t have to put pressure when writing, and unbelievably smooth makes this product incredible! 

Their highlighters and pencils also have the same exemplary performance and are guaranteed to satisfy its users!

Students in particular will appreciate this gift as it will motivate them to study and take nicer notes!

7: Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

This gift is perfect for someone who loves to capture memories!

Polaroids aren’t going away anytime soon and are actually more popular among teen students now than ever before.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera is a fun, portable camera that takes great quality instant photos!

Students in particular love this camera because it instantly provides a physical picture of the photos they take which removes the hassle of having to go to the store to get them printed.

 They can then easily use the pictures however they want, such as by putting them in a scrapbook, taping them to their dorm room wall, giving them away to friends and family, or putting them inside a card!

This gift inspires uniqueness, creativity, and is great for a student who wants to take pictures to remember the memories they made during their school year!

8: Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is the perfect gift for any student from the most tech savvy all the way down to the most lazy.

Amazon Echo Dot for Students

The Echo Dot is a small, portable smart speaker that allows you to do loads of tasks.

With the speaker, you can use voice control to…

  • Stream music from Amazon Music and Spotify
  • Listen to audiobooks from Audible
  • Answer questions
  • Read daily news updates
  • Check the weather
  • Set alarms
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Lock doors
  • Adjust thermostats
  • Play games
  • And much more!

Okay, you get the point here – this compact speaker can do it all!

Although there are larger and more advanced versions of the Echo device, this one is perfect for students as it includes a clock, comes in a compact fabric design, and is relatively inexpensive. 

9: Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity for Students

You might be thinking why this would be a useful gift – well, students need a break to have some fun like everyone else.

This is the perfect party game and sure to be a hit for every student to share with their friends.

The game includes over 600 cards, but there are tons of other bundles and add-ons to include for more fun.

(As a warning if you were considering this game, I would recommend only purchasing it for older students as there are some inappropriate but hilarious cards included as well).

10. Rose Quartz Facial Rollers

This is a great gift for someone who values self care and wants to de-stress after a long day of working hard at school!

Rose Quartz Facial Rollers for Better Skin

Putting the cool crystal to your face will instantly make you feel calmer and at ease. 

This is helpful for a student who suffers from stress or anxiety as the rose quartz crystal is a powerful healing property that relieves muscle tension and removes harmful toxins. 

Additionally, it provides skin rejuvenation to students who need a quick skin care product to control their teen acne!

11. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray 

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray for Students

Everyone wants a peaceful night’s sleep – especially students! 

The Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works is an award winning product that calms both the mind and body to reduce sleep-associated anxiety and improve your sleep quality

Made with an aromatherapeutic super blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetiver, and made without parabens or sulfates, a couple spritizes of this on your pillow will make all the difference in your sleep patterns and get rid of those sleepless nights!

In addition to promoting a better sleep, it also contributes to better skin and enhanced productivity

All around, this is the perfect gift for a student to ensure that they are practicing self care in a unique and relaxing way!

We wish we could share more gifts ideas as it was extremely difficult to narrow down the list to only 11.

But, we’re confident that you, or the person you’re giving them to will love every single one of them!

If you have any cool and amazing ideas that we didn’t cover, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

We love hearing from you guys and hope you enjoy these products as much as we do!

If you want to say hello, or have any article suggestions, click here to contact us!

Happy shopping!

14 Replies to “11 Useful Gifts for University Students

  1. I really like the thought out into this post and as you have the first-hand experience of student life you know exactly what can help people during their studies.

    I was thinking about nutrition as well, Would vitamins be a helpful aid to keep on top of health? I ask as I know student life can be very demanding and nutritional food is not always at the top of the list.

    I was surprised to see a weighted blanket included in the list but then understood why it is after reading further. Not all student digs are luxurious no doubt so getting comfortable for uninterrupted sleep is important especially for concentration.

    I found your post very useful and have sent a link to my cousin who is studying at Swansea University in Wales.

    1. Hello! Thank you, we are glad you enjoyed! Vitamins are also super useful as well but we figured most students wouldn’t want them as a gift. We hope your cousin likes these items too 🙂 

  2. These are amazing and indeed very useful Gifts for University Students. I am particularly fascinated by the mStand by Rain Design as virtually almost every University or College Student currently make use of a laptop. A USB powered Cooling Pad is also a good gift to keep their laptop from reaching soaringly high Temperature. Thanks

    1. Hi! We personally LOVE the Rain Design mStand, we would recommend it to everyone who uses a computer – not just university students! And yes, that’s so perfect as well! Thanks for commenting and sharing!

  3. Hi, I’ve not only read your article but also had a tour at your website to learn more about you.Thank you for your great but easy to understand article I found it complete, just for students of nowadays. But I have a small question of curiosity: which criteria did you use to put up that list? Good job!

    1. Hi! Thanks, we are glad you like our content and we hope you can share our blog with others 🙂 We chose to put items on the list based on what what we have used and loved, what we want, and what is essential for university students. We are both students so we know what is practical for others! 

  4. It is very certain that you’re both are indeed University students. These items listed are some of the major important equipment any student would appreciate as a gift. For me mine is the phone charger, the blanket and the airpods. Every student wants to phones to always be on, phone is like a company and when it’s off it’s like a part of you has gone, and secondly I said the airpods because I am a music lover, when I am depressed or down music is one thing that helps revive me. With the airpods,  perfect sound is guaranteed at any time. Thanks for this article it’ll really help those thinking of gifts that would be best appreciated and useful to students.

    1. Hello! Thanks for super insightful comment, I’m glad that you also find these items super useful as well 🙂 

  5. I must say this are really nice gifts for university students…your selection was really nice i know you took out a lot of time to get in ready for all.I have a sibling that just into the university and i have been looking for the best gift to use in congratulating him and i think weighted blanket would be the best choice.

    1. Hello! The weighted blanket and the laptop stand are my two favourites on the list so I would definitely consider purchasing one of those for your sibling 🙂 

  6. I must say this are really nice gifts, if I university i would love to have a weighted blanket as during my times in university i have a lot of need for it as there were so many cold nights but i couldn’t get any as i was quite expensive for me as at that time.

    1. Hello! Weighted blankets are perfect during university as they are super relaxing! Thanks for reading! 

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