18 Ways to Do Self Care

18 Ways to Do Self Care

Most of the time when we think about the word “relaxing“, we imagine laying on our bed eating our favourite food and binge watching a show. 

Although that is comforting and a good way to hit the “pause” button on our lives, we need to instead hit the “pause” button to actually take care of ourselves. 

Unfortunately, self care becomes the last thing on our list when we have a million and one other things to do.

Our lives are so chaotic that we don’t do the little things that are truly necessary in our personal life. But, we need to learn to prioritize taking care of ourselves – even in the most simple ways! 

So, let’s crack down on 18 ways to do self care! 

These are things that will keep your body, mind, and soul healthy. Some of them are fast and seem so simple but have profound effects. For others, you will need to find ways to implement these actions in your life.

Have an open mind and a willingness to put yourself first for a change! 

Mental Self Care Tips / On Avoiding Stress

1) Don’t Be afraid to say no

If you don’t want to do something, say no! Don’t put yourself through something that is a burden or makes you uncomfortable.

Saying no is powerful because it lets you take charge of your life and avoids those negative feelings of being forced to do something. It’s completely okay to say no – people just need to learn to respect that!

2) Spend five minutes each day to just close your eyes and breathe 

Like a mini meditation session! Detach yourself from your phone, your work, and your obligations for just a few minutes. Reflect on yourself and take a break that will recharge you for a change. 

3) Practice journaling once a week 

To some people, this is difficult to do because it requires you to sit down, reflect, and write. But it’s easy and simple.

Some journal prompts are: how you feel, what makes you smile, your favorite thing about the day, what makes you feel beautiful, what is scaring you, what you want to work on and more.

This will allow you to release your negative emotions and invest in the positive ones. Hello, clearer mind! 

4) ASK for help

I know how hard this can be! I used to be scared to ask for help in fear of being annoying, asking too much, and feeling like I could solve it myself. But, sometimes you need help and it’s completely okay! You can avoid feeling stressed by asking a friend for guidance.

18 Ways to Do Self Care

For Your Soul: 

5) Check in with your emotions 

Life is so hectic that we rarely just reflect on our emotions. Or, if we do, it is done quickly and then thrown aside.

Checking in with your emotions means understanding why you feel the way you feel so you can help yourself grow. This is so important when it comes to taking care of yourself.

6) Listen to music 

Put on your headphones and listen to your favourite song! Studies have shown that listening to music can help your mood and fend off depression. Maybe it will even lead to dance party…

7) Take a long bath and put on a face-mask 

Ah, there is nothing better than this! Try out some new products and treat yourself to a nice and relaxing bath and a high quality face-mask. It will make you feel good and (bonus!) the facemask will help your skin! 

8) Treat yourself like you are your best friend 

Avoid negative thoughts about yourself by treating yourself as your best friend. If you wouldn’t judge or point out the flaws in your BFF, then don’t do it to yourself! 

18 Ways to Do Self Care

For the body: 

9) Take a walk 

Getting exercise does not have to mean lifting weights at the gym! Go for a nice walk outside and get your legs moving. Plus, spending time in nature and breathing in natural air is important.

10) Go to bed earlier 

Sleep is essential for your body to function properly. Go to bed nice and early and get eight hours of sleep instead of dragging out your nights. 

11) Drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up 

This helps rehydrate your body, fires up your metabolism by 24% (wow!), and helps flush out toxins! Check out this water bottle that you’ll be sure to love as well!

12) Take the time to cook a meal you enjoy 

When you have the chance, go into your kitchen and toss up a meal that will make you feel good inside and out. 

18 Ways to Do Self Care

Emotional Self Care Tips / On Being Happy:

13) Be selfish

Put yourself first sometimes! It will help you get the most out of your relationships and your happiness. Ultimately, this is just a must for loving ourselves, taking care of ourselves, and nurturing ourselves. 

14) Spend time with the people you love 

Do it! Surround yourself with people who make you happy and bring out the best in you. 

15) Bake something sweet 

Make those chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, or the cake you were craving! Better yet, make them with your loved ones! 

16) Work on something that inspires you 

Toss aside your homework for a couple minutes and do what you are passionate about. Your passions can be anything: finance, sports, gardening, painting, photography and more. Tuning in to your passions will help you have a more positive perspective on life.

17) Get a massage 

This one does not need any explaining! But, getting a massage is the perfect way to relax and calm your body down. It also helps to relieve some of those tight knots in your neck.

18) Redecorate your room 

Have some fun and change up your environment by decorating your room. There’s nothing like a refreshed and organized space to put you in a good mood. 

I hope everyone has discovered something that they can do to take care of themselves in a fun and beneficial way.

We should all learn to prioritize self care instead of focusing on completing the other parts of your life that ultimately toss personal care aside!

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Thank you for reading!

18 Replies to “18 Ways to Do Self Care

  1. This is really great to see here and thank you so much for sharing this post here. I really like this because nothing beats the peace of mind that comes with doing the proper self care. Personally, this is an encompassing one that actually presents the ways to maintain a proper level of self care. Thank you so much

  2. Wow, I can’t believe that there are so many different ways to do self care in the world we are in today. Like you pointed out at the start of the post, there are many people today who have really strayed away from giving their body hat it really needs, care. I for example am one of them and when I go through all the 18 ways, I only see that I listen to music. I have to change my lifestyle and I will. This is an eye opener for me.

    1. Hi Riley, thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m glad was an eye-opener for you and I hope you can successfully implement some more of these activities into your life!

  3. Hello Danielle, I feel elated knowing these things are easy to do and I don’t necessarily need to go far out to do most of them. I live the way you have broken it down to body, emotions and all and with that one would know easily how to place a focus. These things are without an argument the best means to avoid stress. Listening to music and having a long bath in the shower are two remedies that have worked for me over time and i would love to add more to it 

    1. Hey Benson! Self care doesn’t have to be a time consuming feat, simplicity is key! I’m glad you could relate to some of the things I mentioned 🙂 Thanks for sharing your perspective! 

  4. Hi! I really appreciate this post. So many times we devote so much time to our work, to others, even to our own family and we forget to pause and take some time for ourselves. Yes, this is healthy and it’s needed for our balance in life. I specially agree with having a time during the day to close our eyes and breath. Thank you very much for this post!

    1. Hello Ann! Yes, hitting the pause button every now and then is so important! I’m happy to hear you appreciated this post 🙂 

  5. Hey there! This is cool, I love the contents in your site.

    For me, I prefer playing of music to the other ways of self care cause as musician, I usually allow my music to control my emotions. Only that way I can relax and think the next moves and plan well. Music is life!

    1. Hi! Thank you I’m glad you like our content 🙂 That’s very true, music does allow us to have a sense of control when life appears to be uncontrollable! Thanks for taking the time to comment! 

  6. These are all great ways to relax and self care. Lately I’ve been feeling more and more stressed out due to having lost my job and also having to move in with some annoying people. I’m used to living independently and having my own space and so I’m not used to it. To escape the stress I go outside to the park to walk around, meditate and listen to music. I wish I could relax in my own home but right now I’m living with some pretty noisy people and every time I’m at home I feel like pulling my hair out.

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry to hear that! All the activities you mentioned are great in terms of escaping the stress as it allows for self-reflection and improvement. I definitely recommend you try more of the activities on this list so you can relieve some more of your anxiety. Wishing you all the best!! 

  7. I love how well put together this list is! Lots of tips, still easy to read. I also really like that the tips are categorized (body, soul, etc.). Taking those 5 to 10 minutes a day to meditate has been one of the biggest life changers for me. It sure takes time to get into the habit, and much practice to feel like you’re doing it right (then realizing there is no right/wrong!) but it’s the best self care there is…to simply be! Oh and the last tip is so perfect too! Redecorating or reorganizing my room, or really any space in my home, makes me feel so accomplished and refreshed. And the orginization is key, helps clear clutter in the mind too, for sure. Thanks for a great post, and a great reminder to still take care of ourselves during this weird time. 

  8. This is Extraordinary…i must say you have done a very nice job on this very awesome article i hope it helps others as it has helped me. Over the years i have discovered one very important thing that many people neglect today and that is self-care…this is very important as if one could get this one right the sky is your limit.

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