39 Productive Things to Do When Bored

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored

While we continue to sit on our couch binge-watching Netflix and being bored out of our minds, why not learn how to be productive during quarantine?

We have compiled a list of 39 productive things to do when bored at home! Most of these are very simple and not extremely time consuming ideas.

They don’t require any background knowledge or skills either.

So, let’s get to it!

  1. Update Your Resume

Use your free time to advance your career! Instead of updating your resume only when it is needed, like when you are applying for a job, have it ready to-go so you have less to do in the future! 

  1. Clean Out Your Inbox 

Let’s face it, e-mails pile up faster than that stack of papers on your desk. 80% of the emails in your inbox are probably just advertisements or unnecessary. Why not try cleaning it out?

  1. Write a Letter to Your Future Self 

Looking for a long-term way to be productive? Writing a letter to your future self is something most of us wouldn’t consider doing, but it’s a great way to do some self reflection and think about your future goals and aspirations. A year or two after you write it, you can read it and evaluate the decisions you made since then and what you can do differently for the future.

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored
  1. Declutter Your Closet 

Don’t roll your eyes! Decluttering your closet goes beyond just having a clean space. It has some surprising health benefits like lowering the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and prompting better eating habits! It also helps you make room for what matters! 

  1. Take an Online Course

There are so many online courses available for you to take. Ever heard of edX? What about LinkedIn Learning? Both of these are amazing platforms for you to learn new skills and expand your knowledge!

  1. Google Your Name to See What Your Online Impression Is

Googling your name is something you’ve probably done before just for fun, but it’s something we should all do every once and awhile. Employers often take a look at your online presence to see what you’re all about so it’s important to ensure you are giving them a positive impression. 

  1. Delete Old Contacts On Your Phone

Clearing up your storage space on your phone is huge! Since we are on our phone every single day, deleting irrelevant information will organize your device so you have easier access to the information you need. 

  1. Rearrange Your Furniture 

A clean work environment has been linked to increased productivity and better focus. Changing up your workspace will allow you to have a fresh perspective, help you gain a sense of control, and reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. 

  1. Take Care of Your Skin 

Often, taking care of ourselves is put on the back burner. Taking care of your skin is essential for your confidence and self-esteem. Putting on a face mask, using a new skin care product, or getting rid of your expired make-up are perfect ways to prioritize your skin and ultimately, yourself.

  1. Clean Your Gadgets 

Think about it. When was the last time you wiped down your phone screen or laptop keyboard? Let me guess – it’s been a while. Did you know that some studies have shown your devices can have more bacteria than a toilet seat? Pretty disgusting if you ask me! Put your free time to good use and clean those products now! Maybe even purchase some alcohol wipes to help out!

  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is still a powerful way to build an online presence and connect with future employers. However, you don’t want to be seen with an outdated profile. Look up some tips on Google for creating a strong LinkedIn profile.

  1. Build Your Network

Even when it feels like you have nothing to do work-wise, there are still easy, at home ways you can further your career! You can build your network by reaching out to old acquaintances, and forming new connections! If you don’t know how, you can do some research!

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored
  1. Create a Weekly Meal Plan

This is something most of us think about doing but never get around to completing. Creating a meal plan when you have nothing else to do is a great use of your time. It helps you determine what groceries you need to purchase and avoids the stress of having to decide what to make for dinner last minute. 

  1. Make A “Need to Stop Doing” List 

Want to focus on self improvement? Grab a paper and pen, sit down on your couch and think about what you want to remove from your life or limit doing. This lets you get in touch with yourself, reaffirms your core values, and encourages you to build upon your strengths. 

  1. Create a Budget and Organize Your Bills 

Trying to save for a vacation? Maybe you have a ton of bills and they’re all piled up in a drawer somewhere. Take this time to get your finances sorted out and avoid paying any unnecessary interest in the long-term.

  1. Water and Repot your Plants 

Spend a little more time taking care of your plants! Watering your plants is essential, but there’s something relaxing (and productive) about repotting them and giving them extra attention. You can even plant some vegetables if you have a green thumb! 

  1. Exercise More

We have all told ourselves we would exercise more! Why not use this free time to get in touch with our bodies and improve ourselves? Remember, exercising does not have to be vigorous, it can be at your own pace and as simple as you need it to be. So, go for a jog or do some jumping jacks – your body will thank you. It’s also a great way to take away any underlying stress or tension you may have. 

  1. Play Memory Games 

Why not train your brain? Simply do a quick online search for memory games or online puzzles to enhance your memorization skills! Games like Sudoku, Jigsaw Puzzles, and rebus puzzles are great ways to exercise your brain and also have fun!

  1. Design a Scrapbook

Having a scrapbook filled with your favourite memories is extremely special. If you ever find yourself bored and in search of an activity that will allow you to express your creativity and reminisce on your past, this is perfect. 

  1. Learn How to Cook New Recipes

Cooking is another great way to be productive and lighten your mood. Bake those cookies you wanted to try or make something you’ve never tried before! You can also cook a healthy meal using only ingredients from your pantry! 

  1. Plan Your Next Vacation

Even if your next vacation is months away, it doesn’t hurt to plan ahead! Some fun things you can think about are: what you want to do, restaurants to eat at and who you can visit! You can also establish a budget and start considering the costs. 

  1. Read a Book

Did you know that reading is critical in contributing to success? There are so many benefits to reading and it can actually be quite enjoyable to sip a cup of tea or coffee and skim through a good book.

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored
  1. Organize Your Room

If you’re like us, your room probably gets messy every few days – even if you clean it regularly. Take a few hours to organize or redesign your room to give it a fresh look. You won’t want to be in any other room!

  1. Make a New Music Playlist

Spotify? Apple Music? Whatever music platform you use, it’s time to create a playlist. You don’t even have to limit it to one playlist – maybe make one for partying, one for studying, and even one for uplifting music when you’re feeling sad.

  1. Listen to a Podcast

If you’re in the mood to just relax but still be productive, listen to a podcast! There are so many available podcasts that can be tailored to your interests, goals, and the areas of life you want to improve upon. 

  1. Learn a New Language

Spanish? French? What about Norwegian? With so many languages to learn, and so many great tools to do so, what’s stopping you? You could even try learning the native language for a country you want to visit. It’ll make your vacation way more enjoyable!

  1. Try Doing Yoga Stretches

Everyone should incorporate Yoga into their daily lives. It’s important to stretch out your muscles and prevent any long-term injuries. You can try downloading an app or watch a YouTube tutorial.

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored
  1. Learn an Instrument

Have any instruments you’ve always wanted to play? Maybe you’re like me and use your instruments as a decoration. Try an app like Yousician. It’s time to learn how to play it! 

  1. Start a Blog

Interested in a certain niche or subject area? Why not start a blog about it. Click here and we’ll tell you how to create your very own blog, just like this one!

  1. Teach Yourself a New Skill

Juggling? Dancing? Baking? There’s hundreds and hundreds of new skills you can easily learn by dedicating some time out of your day. And what better time than right now while you’re bored!

  1. Online Shop For Items You Need

Everyone enjoys receiving new items in the mail. Is there something you’ve been meaning to purchase for a long time? Head on over to Amazon and check it off your list!

  1. Evaluate Your Last 5 Purchases 

Maybe your last few purchases haven’t been the greatest! Instead of regretting wasting your money on that new pair of shoes, why not start making more practical purchases. Here are some great ideas for useful gifts to improve your life as a student.

  1. Sort Through Old Photos 

Don’t keep all your photos buried in shoebox in your closet! Photos are meant to be remembered and kept organized. Sorting through your memories is a great way to relax, reminisce and still effectively use your time- especially when done with family or friends.  

  1. Learn How to Invest Your Money 

Investing your hard earned money doesn’t have to be a daunting task. If you want some simple strategies, check out this book review on The Wealthy Barber Returns here. You’re on your way to earning even more money and saving for your future!

  1. Socialize with Old Friends

Has it been a while since you’ve spoken to your old friends? Don’t lose touch with them just because you’re lazy. Pick up the phone, send them a text, or shoot them a message on social media. I’m sure you’ll keep each other busy for hours!

  1. Plan Your Outfits for the Week

This one may seem futile, but hear me out! If you want to have some fun but still get the most out of your time, plan out your outfits! This is especially useful if you have an important conference or presentation that you need to present yourself well for. 

39 Productive Things to Do When Bored
  1. Turn Your Favourite Hobby Into a Business 

This one seems a bit harder than some of the others on this list. Well, it doesn’t have to be – in fact, we even wrote an entire article on making money online here. Don’t give up this opportunity to turn your passion into a lifelong business.

  1. Sell Items You No Longer Use 

Instead of keeping products you no longer need or want in your attic, sort through them and sell them on online platforms like Ebay. Or, if you’re really up for it, you can coordinate a yard sale! 

  1. Sleep!

And finally, SLEEP! Like most students, I bet you aren’t getting enough sleep each night. Try going to bed earlier and learning to be an early riser. You’ll become much more productive in the long-run. I talk all about it in another article here!

Instead of thinking about how to be productive during quarantine, now you can start thinking about what you want to complete first. 

There are so many other things to do to be productive that we didn’t even cover on this list. If you have any ideas, we would love to hear them in the comment section down below.

So, what’s your excuse? Become more productive NOW!

We hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy, and happy during this COVID-19 pandemic!

As always, feel free to reach out to us here to say hello, give us an article suggestion, or become a contributor and write an article on our page!

Have fun!

10 Replies to “39 Productive Things to Do When Bored

  1. Hi Guys!

    This is a great list. During this confinement time, we sure get bored most of the time. Since, the beginning, I think I have done 10 to 15 points on your list. But I did not think about getting plants or writing a letter my future self ( that could be fun).

    So, I am gonna transform my daily confinement report to letters to my future self, telling me how it all went down and what could have been better.


    1. Hello! We are so glad you enjoyed the article. Hopefully soon you’ll be able to complete the entire list! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed reading your list and it gave me some new ideas. The one that really got my attention was writing a letter to my future self, that can be a great way on how well we follow through with our goals.

    Other ideas that gave me a positive idea was taking a LinkedIn learning course and updating my LinkedIn profile.

    Building my social media following is always a big one I’m busy with a lot. Thanks for sharing this information, I will definitely be interested in reading more of your content.

    1. Hi Neil. Thank you for the kind words! I am glad you enjoyed the article and are starting some of these tasks. I just wrote the letter to my future self and am working on a LinkedIn Learning course right now! Cheers 🙂

  3. I first thought about like 39 because as for me as I would need just 3 things to do. However, the article just highlighted some of the things I would have taken lightly, like my email. I have started with reading my email, organizing it and also searching through the spam folder to make sure that I am not mistakenly missing some favorite and important emails. I have focused on personal development by taking courses with Udemy, some with Coursera and Futurelearn. I have started and planted my herbal garden and also focused on my soap making hobby. Combined with these I have started photography practice and it blends very well with my online blogging as well as my herbal garden. I really did not consider decluttering my wardrobe, but as you stated, a cleaner environment is a good place. Thank you for such an informative article and well-written website.

    1. Hi there! You are well on your way to be extremely productive and should be proud of your efforts thus far. Keep up the great work and I am glad we could help you out! 🙂

  4. The effect of covid 19 on the world today has spiked global shutdown in so many places and there is restriction of movements. This can make people really bored and it is necessary to have a handle of things to be done when we are bored. I would like to pass this on to others.

    1. Hi! We definitely agree that many people are feeling more bored than ever. So, we should use this opportunity to be productive! We would love it if you could share this with others, thank you! 

  5. There are a lot of ideas in this article that can help with the boredom that is experienced during this period as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. One of them seemed a little off though. I did not understand how writing a letter to myself would help me. Could you throw more light in?

    1. Hi Smoochi! Thank you for the question. We believe that writing a letter your future self is productive and beneficial as it allows you to self-reflect, set goals for the next little while, and improve your writing and creativity skills. Hope this helps 🙂

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