Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

As a big foodie, I’m always the one that takes the lead in planning where my family and friends should eat during a day in the city. And, to be honest, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

Toronto has a variety of great food that is sure to satisfy everyone’s cravings (and their Instagram stories)!

Specifically though, the realm of eating vegan in Toronto is especially unique. From creative food alternatives, a variety of flavours, and being ethically sourced, eating vegan in Toronto is guaranteed to leave your tummy full and heart happy.

With all that being said, after researching and a lot of tasting, I have compiled a list of the seven best vegan restaurants in Toronto that you NEED to try! From fancier restaurants to grab-and-go eats for a lazy Saturday night, I got it all covered.

Get ready to start drooling!


Rosalinda Restaurant 

133 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON, M5H 2L3

Not only does Rosalinda have the most beautiful and vibrantly decorated interior that I have seen, but they have some of the most delicious Mexican food that is entirely plant based. Their menu has a number of dishes that are sure to suit your own individual craving and preference. 

They also have a complete drink menu and bar that serves cocktails, fruited beers, ciders, wine, and also fresh and bubbly non-alcoholic drinks. Their bar menu is packed with loads of delicious drinks that are perfect for a night out with friends or a dinner date.

Back to their interior though! Rosalinda has an elegant and bright atmosphere filled with colour, light and greenery that will brighten up your day. It is a fancier atmosphere but you can swing by Rosalinda’s after you hit the gym or after you hit the red carpet and always feel welcome.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Oh, and you can also rent out the restaurant for a party! Yes, the atmosphere is just that good.

Some of my personal favourites on the menu are the Rosaburger, French toast, and their heavenly spiced churros and triple chocolate mousse.

My tip? Stay for dessert. 


The Vegan Extremist

291 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON, M5T 1N9

In my opinion, the Vegan Extremist serves the best vegan South Asian food I have ever had. Yes, that’s a bold statement but it’s true! They have a variety of mouth-watering curries, dosa’s, noodle soups, and the most delicious mushroom wings (yes you read that right!) that are one of a kind. Try it out and thank me later!

They also serve food that is tailored to your preference of spice. Personally, I can handle high levels of spice and am always looking for a good restaurant that will actually deliver on the amount spice I want.

The Vegan Extremist is one out of a handful of restaurants that actually make their food spicy if you want it to be and also provide the most tasty hot sauce that compliments their food so well. If you’re someone who wants some spice, be sure to go to the Vegan Extremist! If you don’t like spice, don’t worry – they deliver on what you want.

It is also located in Kensington Market, and they have a great little patio that you can casually sit on during the warmer months to enjoy your food. Or, you can take a scroll around the market with your food in hand. Talk about a good location!

Hip, artistic, and filled with unique tastes, I highly recommend The Vegan Extremist to everyone wanting some authentic and flavourful food.


Kupfert & Kim

Multiple locations

I’m always looking for a casual and a quick-service restaurant where I can find healthy, wholesome, and delicious meals. Kupfert and Kim serves smoothies, smoothie bowls, toasts, burgers, salads and bowls and (my favourite) a whole brunch menu! 

So, take yourself on a little brunch or lunch date or grab a friend and head on over to Kupfert & Kim. They have numerous locations around Toronto, so you can definitely find one near you if you’re in the city.

Some of my favourite dishes on their menu are the K&K Waffle, The Benny, Cauliflower Tahini, and their almond chocolate smoothie. So, if you’re looking for something fresh and organic and still satisfying, this is the place!

Their atmosphere and interior is also very welcoming and green, so it is a treat for your tummy and eyes!


Apiecalpse Now  

735 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON, M6G 1L5

Fun fact: I heard about Apiecalpse Now over two years ago and had been itching to try it out each time I visited Toronto. Finally, two weeks ago on a lazy Saturday night where I just wanted to watch a horror movie in my hotel room and eat some pizza, I got the chance to order a coveted pizza from Apiecalpse Now. And let me tell you… it was the best vegan pizza I have ever eaten. 

Their pizza is not ordinary. They have crazy delicious toppings and combinations that are beyond delicious. With a mac and cheese pizza, poutine pizza, Big Mac pizza and a nacho pizza, it is clear that they have the most trendy and unique items available.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Plus, they have won NINE of the “Best Of” categories in the 2018 Now Magazine Readers Choice Awards! It’s really that good!

If you’re also looking for something more than pizza, they serve poutine, jalepeno poppers, deep fried pickles and more!

Something to know though is that Apiecalpse Now is not a sit down restaurant, and is actually quite small and meant for take out. So, keep that in mind when planning!


Fresh Restaurants 

multiple locations

The Fresh Restaurants has one of the largest menus on this list. From brunch, tacos, burgers, and bowls, they have it all.

I have been to this restaurant twice now and I always get their buffalo cauliflower – in my opinion, it is the best thing on their menu although everything is super tasty.

Fresh has been open since 1999 but their interior and food is super modern, fresh, and tasty. They inspire to make their plant based food energizing and crave-able and boy, do they do just that!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

Be sure to check out their drinks as well. They have a focus on cold pressed juices, but they also have plenty of smoothies, power shakes, botanical lattes and kombucha cocktails! Their drink options and extremely unique.

Some of my favourites are the ginger fireball hot drink, superfood hot chocolate, and their turmeric latte.



multiple locations

Much like Rosalinda, this restaurant is extremely beautifully decorated and designed. Planta is committed to using high-quality products from ethical suppliers to make delicious and innovative cuisine.

They have a number of locations, each with a different menu. The location that I usually go to is Planta Yorkville. It is a large, elegant environment and their menu is more high-end than the other restaurants on this list.

Planta is perfect for celebrating milestone events like a wedding, birthday, or business meeting or simply going out for a fancy dinner with friends and family. You are sure to enjoy their food and their one of a kind atmosphere!

Some of my favourites from their Planta Yorkville location are their Hearts of Palm Crab Cake and Eggplant Lasagna. Oh, and their desserts are out of this world. You won’t believe they are vegan!


The Hogtown Vegan

multiple locations

The Hogtown Vegan is a quaint restaurant that serves one of a kind finger-looking food.  Some of their well known dishes are their Phish ‘n Chips and unchicken and waffles. With a Southern twist, their food is perfect for a casual lunch!

They also have delicious desserts like bourbon apple pie, spicy espresso brownie, and deep-fried banana split…doesn’t that sound delicious?!



Now you know the BEST VEGAN SPOTS in Toronto! Be sure to check them out to try the some of the most delicious and popular vegan food Toronto has to offer. 

If you do try these places or have any other recommendations, feel free to comment them below!

Happy eating everyone! And a virtual high five for veganism!


6 Replies to “Best Vegan Restaurants in Toronto

  1. Thank you so much for sharing good vegan restaurants:) I have to visit Toronto soon for a business trip and this will be a great help. The Vegan Extremist is definitely my jam. I am from Thailand and I can just eat that everyday! The mushroom wings sound delicious. I LOVE pizza  so I definitely have to go to Apiecalpse Now. It will be really good together with a sparkling wine, yumm. These places sound great, i will make sure to check them out. 

    1. Hi I’m so glad I could help! I definitely recommend the Vegan Extremist, their mushroom wings are out of this world! Just keep in mind that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays! Hope you enjoy!! 🙂 

  2. I must say that you really dug deep and and got one of the best results,I can boldly say these are best vegan restaurant because I was born and brought up Toronto not until a few months before I left these were the best because I always ate at some of these restaurant because I was on a vegetarian diet, and I tell you they are the best.

    1. Hi David! So glad you agree that these restaurants are amazing, hope you can visit Toronto again to enjoy all this delicious vegetarian/vegan food 🙂 

  3. Hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. Kupfert and Kim are in most places and I personally have visited two locations. I am looking forward to visit the Rosalinda restaurant. I have heard a lot about it!

    1. Hi Benny! I’m glad you appreciate the article and I hope your enjoy the food at Rosalinda 🙂 

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