Finding My Career Passion, And How You Can Too

footballs represent finding my career passion

Being your typical young boy in a suburban area just outside Toronto, sports were obviously a major facet of growing up.

The Toronto Blue Jays were beginning their first playoff run in almost twenty years, the Toronto Raptors were on the verge of what would be their first championship in franchise history, the Toronto Maple Leafs had begun to build a playoff team, and even smaller scale teams like the Toronto Argonauts and Toronto FC were constantly competing for glory.

And so begins the story about finding my career passion, along with some inspiration to help you do the same. 

Despite being surrounded by a variety of sports teams and professional leagues, there was one sport in particular that did not get enough attention where I’m from.

That sport is the National Football League.

This is because out of all the professional sports leagues in North America, only football did not have a team in Canada.


It was the 2012 NFL draft and the Seattle Seahawks were on the clock. “With the 75th pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select, Russell Wilson, Quarterback, Wisconsin!

This is where my passion and love for the game began!

This is where tears would fall if success wasn’t being translated on the field!

This is where I knew my life had changed!


Facing Adversity

From the moment Russell Wilson had begun playing football, the adversity was endless. “You’re too short” or “You’ll never play in the NFL” were two of many obstacles Wilson had to overcome.

But, none of these comments ever stopped him from pushing towards his dream and fighting for what he wanted. Wilson won the starting job before the regular season even began.

Even during the first few regular season games where he displayed his dual-threat ability and flashiness, the media questioned whether Pete Carroll and John Schneider had made the right decision.

Throughout his career, Wilson has continuously proved the doubters wrong and played at an elite level every single season.


Pursuing My Own Passion

But, this isn’t a story just about Russell Wilson’s incredible career so far. It’s about how ONE player, drafted for a team in ANOTHER country and on the OTHER side of the continent, made me fall in love with football.

Even though I was only 11 years old at the time, I knew that sports, and particularly football, was something I wanted to be involved in forever.

I was never a truly gifted athlete, so I knew that I would have to find other ways to make sports a part of my life.

The reason I am so passionate about sports is due to the thrill of watching high profile athletes compete at the highest level.

Being involved in sports at a young age taught me the value of teamwork, the hard work it takes to be great, and the exhilarating rush of blood that runs through your veins when you win a game or make a great play. 

I have fallen in love with watching athletes like Russell Wilson because of his amazing character and perseverance throughout his life.

It’s players like him that fuel my drive to always put your best effort into everything and never give up on anything.

Experiencing the behind the scenes of sports will allow me to grow as a person and increase my love for the game. 



Where Am I At Now?

This brings us to the present day where I am currently in my first year of university pursuing a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

You can learn more about how to choose a major in college that best suits your passions here. This is a great article that links to following your own passions and why you should do that above all else.

Upon graduating, I aspire to combine my passions for business and sports by working in these industries.

If all goes accordingly, I might even have the opportunity to land my absolute dream job with the Seattle Seahawks, and have a chance to meet my inspiration, Russell Wilson.



Now, It’s Your Turn…

Hopefully my story could provide you with some insight on how a simple event can change your life.

At this time, you should begin thinking about some of the hobbies you currently have, whether that be reading, playing sports, fishing, cooking, even kayaking.

There are thousands of potential careers out there and even some that have yet to be discovered. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old or even 75 years old because it is never too late to find your career passion. 

There are a few key aspects you should keep in mind when trying to find your own careers. My number one tip would be to keep an open mind and experiment.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and research or try out a million different careers. It simply means that you should always take advantage and capitalize on opportunities you are presented with.

This could be a case competition, networking event, a speaker panel, or something similar.

Following this number one tip will allow you to discover new interests and areas you may have never thought of before.

Another strategy would be to learn from others by asking for advice. 

Nowadays, most people would be happy to teach you a little bit about their careers if you reached out and asked.

It can even be a simple message like “Hello there! I noticed you are currently the (insert occupation) at (insert company) and I thought that was a pretty interesting position. I am reaching out to ask if you could potentially inform me of the career and what it entails. Thanks!” 

See, it’s pretty simple if you ask me. Send off your message and keep checking your inbox for a reply.

You may have just unlocked the key to your future!

I hope that you are excited to begin discovering careers and were inspired by my story.

Now you can start exploring and find your dream job!


16 Replies to “Finding My Career Passion, And How You Can Too

  1. Wow! I love your article.  Well written and also written from your heart.  I could actually live your story and feel your passion for football. 

    The ideas you give of how to live your passion and ways to actually go about investigating and asking people is such a good idea. As a young student you have such a passion and please continue to inspire other people.

    1. Hi Desire! Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you could feel my passion for football throughout. My goal is to continue inspiring others and I hope you’ll take the time to read some of my future articles 🙂

  2. Wow your post here hit home for me as I am not a person to play sports much.  I am a huge golf fan and play some golf but not at any level other than the beer level with my buddies.  The other great thing about your story here is that I live and have grown up in Wisconsin and had the opportunity to go to Wisconsin Badger football games.  I actually went to many games that Russell Wilson played in and it’s amazing to see that he has achieved his goals in life and continues to strive to be the best out on the field and in life off the field.  I hope you can find success in the football world and wish you luck achieving your goals.  Thank you for the great info.


    1. Hey Douglas! Golf is also a great game and I have played it for a few years now. Wow, it’s really cool that you grew up in Wisconsin and were able to see Wilson during his college career. I completely agree that he is a great player both on and off the field and that is one reason why he inspires me so much! Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  3. I found your life very passionate in this post. I learn many things from your post. Yes our passion will change everything. You are also right age doesn’t matter in any way. You must have passion towards your hobby. I am like you and done many experiment in my childhood and I found my passionate platform while doing these experiment.

    Thank you for sharing your life passion.


    1. Hello, I am glad you can see my passion for football! Yes, it takes time to find our interests (and some exploring) but once found, it is ultimately what fuels us the most. Thank you for your comment! 

  4. While I don’t know much beyond the basics of football, I can see why it is such a passionate sport.

    I like that your page presents for people to find their own passion in their careers. Too many times we don’t end up pursuing what we are truly good at. 

    Best of Luck to you

    1. Hi Jessie! By sharing our experiences and goals, we hope to motivate and inspire people to create their own stories and find their passions. I am glad you liked the article and thank you for your comment 🙂 

  5. Passion comes first irrespective of any situation or circumstances at all. Also, all that matters is to keep getting better at whatever one does and this is exactly like getting better at looking for the perfect career goal.
    Just like you, deciding to have a connection to a sport helped when I was finding my career passion and I look at the soccer industry as the perfect fit for my activities. Though, this is a great post and I would not deny that I have learnt a lot from here. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rodarrick! Thanks for sharing your connection with how you found your career passion through soccer. I am glad you learned from my article.

  6. Hi Rashaad, this is so motivating and I must admit that fact! One of the best moments of one’s life would be finding his career passion and the other would be walking accordingly and living in it; that’s manifestation. Wilson is such an amazing personality who despite all odds pushed to the path of excellence. He is a proof that people’s opinions about us don’t truly matter and that what matters is what we think about ourselves. It’s very destructive to believe what other people say about us and especially when it is negativity.

    I believe in my destiny and what I carry. It’s all about music for me; I love football too although I am not deep into it.

    Sure, the best humility ever is the one to accept the fact that we don’t know everything and reach out to those who can help us out; simply by asking questions. Some people feel to big to ask for help or ask questions. This is the very beginning of sluggishness, delay in destiny discovery and delivery etc.

    BTW, CONGRATULATIONS on your schooling… I hope you’re doing great?

    1. Hi MrBiizy. Thank you so much for your detailed comment. I am glad you thoroughly enjoyed this article and were inspired by it. I am sure you are an amazing musician and will thrive in that career. And yes, it is always a great idea just simply reach out and take the first step. Hope you keep following your passion!

      Thank you for asking about school. It is going great as exam season is finishing up in time for the holidays. I hope you are doing very well 🙂

      1. Great! I’m doing well. I just finished HND over here and about to go for my service. And thanks for your belief in me. I wish you all the best.


  7. In addition to the story you wrote, you could make a good sports movie about success. It takes time and more than just a will for your hobby. Looking to prove yourself and succeed. I look at the game for what people go through who play sports and I can say that it is not easy for them.

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