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  1. Great article. These suggestions are wonderful and I will definitely have to dry UserTesting out. It sounds like a great way to earn money online and not get ripped off.

  2. Hi Rashaad. This has been a very interesting post and the timing could not be better. During this present quarantine due to COVID-19 I have been looking for ways to generate income online. And you have really given me some good options. I would like to try creating a free website and earn revenue through it. Sounds really nice!

  3. This is such a difficult time for so many people as they struggle financially to pay their bills and live. Your article is out at the perfect time and I will have to try out some of these great strategies. Thank you for sharing.

  4. The common denominator out there today with the current pandemic is the huge amount of job loss, but luckily, unlike our ancestors who had to live through the Great Depression, we have access to the internet and therefore, so much more opportunity. And opportunity is everywhere. Personally, I’ve written and sold my own e-books, but since my job was considered non-essential I decided to take my writing to a whole new level – attacking my affiliate sites head-on with new content daily, querying freelance work to online publications, and continuing to write. So far, the experience has been great. 

    I’m hoping to make a full-time income with this before the quarantine period lets up and never have to return to my day job again, or at least I can be to the point to where I’m making part-time income. 

    1. Hi Todd! Wow, I’m so glad that you’ve been able to find some success during this time! It’s great that you have the means to continue your hobby of writing and make money at the same time! Wishing you the best! 

  5. It’s well understood that the pandemic has caused a lot of fo business to go on hold for a while, but still, we all have to feed ourselves and the family. A lot of people who earn from a day job have had issues dealing with the lockdown and I feel sorry for them. However, having an online business is a great idea in the first places, but having it in a time like this would save you a lot as it is one business that has been a little bit affected, but its still running. Cheers 

    1. Hi Benson! Thanks for taking the time to comment – I definitely agree, having an online business would be especially beneficial during this time! If people have the means to kickstart an online business this is a good time 🙂 

  6. The lockdown on my side has actually made me a little more busier than I am usually when at school, well this is all because I want to try to make as much money as possible using this period.

     I have already set up a blog I monetise through Google Adsense and here I just got a great idea of writing an ebook, I love writing poetry and have a lot of good poetry I haven’t published yet, gathered them over the years and I guess might turn it into an ebook. 

    When it comes to completing surveys and offers people should be careful to make sure they use legit and time tested sites , I’ve been scammed before. Thank you for the great tips here.

    1. Hi Donny! Your mindset of trying to make as much money as possible is great and your techniques and tips are especially useful! Thank you for sharing and we wish you the best 🙂 

  7. You have given me a bunch of great suggestions on how to make money during quarantine now that I have been told to stay home by the governor. I have a quick question are these proven methods to make money at home? I am going to look into the Wealth Affiliate and the tester ones. Thank you for sharing these potential job opportunities at home.

    1. Hi Zach! I’m glad you could get some valuable insight on this topic! To answer your question – these methods can come with some consequences but overall we have seen great success! These are all effective side hustles that will ensure you’re still making some money during the pandemic. Thanks for commenting!

  8. Thanks for bringing into the online world this relevant question: “How to Make Money During Quarantine Period”. What you presented is what the experts are already doing!

    You have lined up options like:

    How to Create a Website for Free and Make Money
    Sign up with DoorDash and UberEats!
    Earn Money User Testing
    Write and Sell eBooks!
    Earn Money Online Completing Surveys!
    Where to Sell Items Online!
    Become an Online Tutor!

     I see the validity of this article these days and I really subscribe to the idea of going to the online world. Thanks for sharing!

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