The Wealthy Barber Returns: Book Review

The Wealthy Barber Returns
Published: 2011
Significantly older and marginally wiser, Dave Chilton offers his unique perspectives on the world of money. Using the pay-yourself-first approach, this book will teach you about the basics of personal finance, how to save for retirement, several types of investment accounts, and how to live within your means. 

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  1. Sounds like this book has some solid advice for building wealth. I hadn’t heard of him before, but perhaps it’s because I’m based in another country. 

    Regarding your #2 point, “RRSP’s vs. TFSA’s vs. Mutual Funds”: I am familiar with Mutual Funds, but what are the other two? Are those 2 specifically things to know as key takeaways, or is highlighting those terms just meant to drive home that one needs to be aware of different phrases and industry jargon?

    1. Hi Aly! Thanks for the question! RRSP’s are short for Registered Retired Savings Plans and TFSA’s are short for Tax-Free Savings Accounts. They are both explained in depth throughout the book and there is a ton of information on how to take advantage of each one! Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of personal finance. I have carefully studied some books in that category over the years and I really don’t mind adding the wealthy barber returns to my collection. David seems like a great guy with an even greater perspective on simple living. But I have to ask, would there be a need to read the first part of the book?

    1. Hello Rhain! You should definitely add the book to your collection. I recommend you read the entire book as it helps to set up the second half. I just personally enjoyed the back part more than the first. 

  3. Oh I love the lesson of spend less than what you make. It is so true of the age that we live in that most people spend more than they earn and it is too easy to put it on credit card and worry about it later. 

    I am approaching retirement age and have realized how important compound interest is. It is such a powerful tool if you start young and even later. This book certainly sounds like fun to read and  one that I look forward to buying. Let’s hope that some of the younger readers will also end up with this titles on their bookshelves. I look forward to reading The Wealthy Barber Returns.

    1. Hi there! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did! Hopefully, some students will be inspired to purchase and read the book after reading this review 🙂

  4. Hi! I have heard good reviews about David Chilton’s book. I have always wanted to fully understand Compound Interest. How it works, what are it’s pros and cons. I like that Chilton’s book deals with this topic. I’ll purchase it and read it this February that I’ll go on vacations. I hope this book changes my way of dealing with money.

    1. Hello Paolo! Thanks for the comment. I am certain that you will learn at least one or two new things from reading the book. Enjoy 🙂

  5. Boy…this article could not have come and a better time, as I am currently in a point in my life where I am consuming all things finance and acquiring wealth. It is a bit daunting I must admit as I am coming to this realization at a time in my life where I should have done this much sooner. But, as they say, it’s never too late. Kris Jenner the matriarch of the Kardashian family built the Kardashian empire starting at age 50. So, I know I can do it too. (yes I did use the Kardashians as an example…lol. but their rich so why not!). Do you know if this is in an audio version?

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hello there, thank you for sharing your review of The Wealthy Barber Returns by David Chilton. Hmmm, I thought the book would only talk about a man who became rich being a barber. No I was wrong entirely as I have seen greater value in this book based on your personal experience with reading the book. Spending more than we earn is a very bad idea and I am doing my best to spend less than I earn. I have been trying to cultivate this habit since I was little and I am truly progressing. It’s very important to save now for the future and retirement. The earlier the better. So much to learn from this book.


    1. Hello! It’s great that you have working to implement the habit of saving into your lifestyle and that it’s working for you. It’s definitely very important, and I’m sure you would find a lot of value in this book if personal finance is a topic you’re interested in! Thanks for commenting 🙂 

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