The Power Behind Voicing Your Brand

How to Choose Your Brand Voice

An individual’s brand voice is their single most defining and distinguishing feature.

Not only does your brand voice separate yourself from the competitors, but it generates an audience that is aligned with your attitudes and beliefs – an integral ingredient in creating trust, building loyalty, and improving brand awareness.

So, let’s break down the recipe for effectively voicing your brand.

Okay, but what really is brand voice?

It can be defined as…

  • The uniformity in selection of words 
  • The attitude and values of the brand while addressing their target audience
  • How a company (or individual) conveys its personality 

How to Voice Your Brand

This component is split up into three sections:

Determining Your Brand Voice

Research conducted by Sprout Social states that nearly 64% of consumers want brands to connect with them. So, think of your brand voice as its own humanized individual. 

When building your brand, you need to have a distinct, personable identity that has values, attitudes, and beliefs that are relatable, captivating, and unique. 

This will generate trust and engage consumers who share your perspectives, solidifying a relationship between you and your audience. 

You can ask yourself the following questions to determine your brand voice:

  • What is your mission/message? (spreading optimism, dieting, inspiring humanity)
  • What are your values? (commitment to sustainability, ethics, service to others)                       
  • What tone do you want to project? (laid-back, businesslike, witty, or formal) 

The Power Behind Voicing Your Brand

Appealing To Your Target Audience 

While doing this, keep in mind your target audience!

Voicing your brand ultimately narrows down your audience, so you want to make sure you are appealing to the right kind of people that suit your brand and style. 

Maybe you want to attract millenials, the LGBTQ community, or high school students.

Once you have established this, you can then further develop your brand voice so your content intrigues these individuals and fits their needs and interests. Draw them in! 

Expressing Your Brand Through Visuals

Another incredible way to vocalize your brand is through its appearance. People are roughly 65% more likely to retain something that is visual!

Use this power of aesthetic to paint a picture of your brand which will stick with your audience.

So, how do you do this? Well, you can express the mood of your brand through the selection of your logo, font, and colour choices.

While these can seem like minute details, they actually communicate a lot about your brand to your audience.

More so, by choosing an overarching theme such as a minimalist or colourful aesthetic, you can give your audience an immediate and accurate taste of your brand at first glance! 

Key Elements of Choosing Your Brand Voice

Elements of Choosing Your Brand Voice
Let’s break this down further…

Authenticity means that you are being real with your audience. 

According to Slideshare, 80% of consumers said “authenticity of content” is the most influential factor in their decision to become brand followers.

Broken down, this means that people want real emotional ties to a brand, often one that mirrors their own beliefs and values.

Through Market Segmentation, you can narrow down your audience until you truly understand where they fall under each of the following categories:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Psychographics.

Lastly, Forbes reported that Consistency in brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%.

This is extremely important in ensuring that your core message and brand voice is heard appropriately. 

Recent Trends

As the world is always changing, brand voices need to adapt to new environments and trends. Let’s look at some recent trends that are taking place through large, established organizations. Recent Brand Trends

Now, why is this important?

Well, for your individual brand, you’ll want to ensure that you’re voicing a message that actually appeals to your audience. 

It’s important to always stay up to date on what consumers are looking for. This will help make your brand more attractive in the public eye, improve your reputation, and increase its strength.

Choosing Your Brand Voice

Now, it’s time you for you to put these tips into action!

Whether you’re an established business looking to improve or revitalize your brand, or someone that is trying to voice their brand for their first time, be sure to follow everything you’ve just read.

If you need more tips or any kind of advice, let me know in the comments section below! 

This article topic was inspired by the Voice Talent Online scholarship program.

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